What It Takes to Make Quota

What does it take to make quota? It starts with things often out of the control of your sales people. Things like product-market fit, good market segmentation, an understanding of buyer personae, and more.

When it comes to executing a sales process, that’s on sales.

Here are my thoughts in a blog, in a free Sales Activity Calculator, and in the video below on how to answer the question, “What does it take to make quota?”

I’m a sales and leadership consultant to small and midsize B2B businesses who need to take the guesswork out of forecasting and growing sales.

My approach is to incorporate principles of servant leadership and conscientious capitalism so that salespeople become Trusted Advisers to their customers, and leaders create a corporate culture that attracts and retains ethical and committed team members.

I believe that how you make money matters, and that it’s not only possible to make money without doing harm or sacrificing your ethics, it’s the only way worth doing so.

That’s why I call my practice The Conscientious Capitalist.

The Conscientious Capitalist. How you make money matters(tm)