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Partner blog: Land with Your Endgame in Mind

Practice #1: Prospect as a Trusted Advisor

“Rather than focus your outreach messaging on your product, your company or attention grabbers, start with messaging focused on the business goals and impacts each individual buyer persona cares about…

“With 30% of employees surveyed saying they are likely to change jobs if required to return to the office on a permanent basis, return-to-work strategy has high stakes for businesses — particularly in the tight market for talent.”


I’m very curious to know what anyone is willing to share about their perspectives and plans as leaders. Thanks.

(Originally published at The Conscientious Capitalist)

Since being invited to join earlier this month, I’ve only been able to find time to drop in to a handful of Rooms. These are my early thoughts. I’d love to see yours.

Top on my list is getting to listen to interesting people talk about a wide range of topics.

Yes, it’s kind of cool being able to listen to Bill Gates (the limit of my “celebrity” cadre so far) talk about tech, AI, and Covid, and to hear physicists and astrobiologists talk about the Fermi paradox.

That is to say, there’s opportunity…

It’s mystifying to me how, in 2021, I can still be getting emails (and InMails) with subject lines like:

“Can you direct me to the right person?”

“Did you receive my last email?”

The only thing those emails have motivated me to do is to ask the sales and marketing leaders out there who are still directing their teams in this way this question:

“How is that working for you?”

We all know that getting someone’s attention is hard. Getting them to take action is even harder.

Let me ask you actual prospects, including you senior executives and owners at…

(Originally published at The Conscientious Capitalist Blog)

Image credit: Alexis Fotos;

Marketers flocking “…to whatever is popular until they ruin it,” isn’t new.

What is new is the generation of young entrepreneurs I see who want to make the world a better place while they still make money building great companies.

They get it.

Systemic racism, the ever-widening wealth gap, economic and social injustices and inequalities, poverty, hunger, education, climate change; these are existential. …

Telling the truth. It’s one of the first lessons we teach our children, isn’t it? We do that because we know that truth is fundamental to earning the trust of others. In business, it’s how people we encounter earn the honorific of Trusted Adviser.

I was fired once for refusing to lie to prospects and customers. I’m proud of that. It was a true turning point for me in my understanding of the sales profession and of what true leadership is…..and is not.

For me, being honest is part of the ethics of Conscientious Capitalism, and it’s why I believe…

Dr. Stephanie Hinshaw’s article really spoke to me, and so I created the meme with her permission.

Is there anything more important to a company’s success than leadership?

Has there ever been a time when the importance of leadership was as evident as it is now?

What kind of leader are you?

I’m a sales and leadership consultant to small and midsize B2B businesses who need to take the guesswork out of forecasting and growing sales.

My approach is to incorporate principles of servant leadership and conscientious capitalism so that salespeople become Trusted Advisers to their customers, and leaders create…

What does it take to make quota? It starts with things often out of the control of your sales people. Things like product-market fit, good market segmentation, an understanding of buyer personae, and more.

When it comes to executing a sales process, that’s on sales.

Here are my thoughts in a blog, in a free Sales Activity Calculator, and in the video below on how to answer the question, “What does it take to make quota?”

I’m a sales and leadership consultant to small and midsize B2B businesses who need to take the guesswork out of forecasting and growing…

There are a handful of universal constants that determine the success of any organization. They include things like visionary leadership, product-market fit, competitive differentiation, and great people.

Sales, however, is ultimately what determines an organization’s success.

Sales is the alpha and the omega; the beginning or the end of a business. Even the best organizations with the greatest people and first-class solutions will struggle to compete and grow without a sound sales strategy, a sales process that everyone understands and follows, and the sales tools that ensure that sales operate at peak efficiency.

When all three — strategy, process, and…

….plus Kat Cole’s vision for a kinder capitalism.

It’s still a bit surprising how often I hear a sales process defined in terms of numbers of touches; i.e., how many emails, voicemails, InMails, etc.

I learned a long time ago that “the numbers game” is certain to do one thing, and that’s to keep sales people busy.

What I’ve also learned is that those necessary activities are not a sales process.

Visit my blog post, Make Sales Predictable by Making It a Process, for more details.

Kat Cole’s vision for a kinder capitalism

“Now in charge of brands like Cinnabon, Jamba Juice and Auntie Anne’s pretzels…

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The Conscientious Capitalist

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